Harry in One Direction: The Official Annual 2015
"Some days in late August at home are like this, the air thin and eager like this, with something in it sad and nostalgic and familiar…"
"I don’t understand why sex is more shocking than violence."
Lea Seydoux talking about American films. (via ramengirl48)


Do you ever look at 9 year olds and just know they’re gonna be a fuckin douche in 6/7 years.

Kylie Jenner Inspired Make-up Look // Coat of Cosmetics ♡

Filmed this makeup look today… Can anyone guess who it is ? 😉👄 #youtube #youtuber #love #filming #tutorial #coatofcosmetics #bblogger #bbloggers #makeup #pout


what if you started making car alarm noises when people you didn’t like touched you


do you ever meet someone and you’re like wow I could write a book about you